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Specifications and Price Daihatsu Ayla Newest

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Specifications and Pricing Newest Daihatsu Ayla, Ayla Daihatsu car comes with a tremendous response from the people of Indonesia, this car is compared with Cheap Car Daihatsu car class, namely Toyota and Honda Brio Agya Satya. Curious ?? Let's go Daihatsu Ayla specifications and price.

Specifications Daihatsu Ayla

Interior --- Daihatsi Ayla can accommodate 5 people with relief, does this car looks tiny and Unyu but in the interior is so fantastic. In it is quite spacious with size (LxWxH) 3,600 x 1,600 x 1,520 (mm). with the most spacious luggage size among car like so do not hesitate when going to bring your goods.

Heading into entertainment, to Daihatsu Ayla type X is equipped with a radio, MP3 / CD / WMA, USB, and AUX port. This will make your driving more comfortable feel. 2016 Audi A3 Release date  Each type has a different ayla like Daihatsu Ayla type M is not equipped Chroome Grill Bumper, Tacho meter MID, Central cluster-type air conditioner which is owned by X. for type D does not include a CD player, air bags, air conditioning is also no power windows and central lock. That's why this daihatsu set the price based on the type.

Machines --- Daihatsu Ayla wears the same engine in all variants has a power system with 3-cylinder DOHC engine is started. And is equipped with 12 valves and a kitchen runway can generate power 65 hp / 6000 rpm with a maximum torque of 85 Nm / 3000 rpm.
Latest price Daihatsu Ayla

These include Daihatsu car Alya cheapest car among cars like and in 2015 this was not climb hike.
Daihatsu Ayla following price list:

Daihatsu Ayla D M / T IDR. 80 million
Daihatsu Ayla D + M / T IDR. 91.9 million
Daihatsu Ayla M A / T IDR. 105.5 million
Daihatsu Ayla M M / T IDR. 96.1 million
Daihatsu Ayla M Sporty M / T IDR. 109.4 million
Daihatsu Ayla X A / T IDR. 108.3 million
Daihatsu Ayla X Elegant A / T IDR. 115.4 million
Daihatsu Ayla X Elegant M / T IDR. 111.1 million

Thus I can give information about the Daihatsu Ayla Hopefully useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. Specifications and Price Daihatsu Ayla Newest.


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