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Love. Conflicts and misunderstandings. Your boyfriend no longer reproached give the same attention as before and it is very possible that this time be right. Try to reconcile and not destroy your relationship due to transient mood. 

Money - You enter the account a small amount of money, you spend it quickly though. Do you need to spoil yourself and do your many personal pleasure and your prtofelul felt most intensely the whims deserved. 

Health - Problems with migraines. Due to fatigue or improper diet complain of headaches. Fortunately, there are strong and you will be able to treat yourself without consultation VEO doctor. 

Jobs - You get a conflict with the boss or a colleague you work with directly. Must necessarily coordinate and communicate effectively as it is a deadline approaching fast steps, and if you do not get better, you have both problems. 
Love - Feeling alone and depressed. You think about a former love and regret among you all over, but you have to move on and learn to love yourself. Ditch the melancholy and pessimism does not help at all these states. 
Money - follows a difficult period where you have to return some money that you borrowed a few months ago. It means get back to worrying about your finances and propose next month you put aside some money and be more careful. 
Health - eye pain not give you peace. Spend too much time in front of the computer, and this is felt in the health section. In addition, you are dealing with emotional issues that you can not neglect them. Ignored, they will alter you physically. 
Work - You proposed for a bonus, a raise or a promotion, but feel that this appreciation from superiors comes too late. Not censorious and enjoy as you start next month on a higher level of hierarchy. 

luni, 21 iulie 2014

Product concept and its levels

Product concept and its levels

Product is anything that satisfies a need or desire and that is offered piata1. A product can be offered as the best material, service, idea, person, or as a combination thereof.
While manufacturers see the product as a physical object, consumers actually buy the benefits enjoyed by those goods. In general, the definition of a product occur following elements:
body-parts - refer to specific physical and technical properties of a product (weight, volume, length of life);
disembodied-components - the elements that have no material body directly: brand name, instructions, price, services provided product (installation, the warranty period, service);
-communication about the product - include all information transmitted potential buyer: actions merchandising, point of sale promotion, advertising) in order to facilitate presentation of the product and to boost the purchasing decision;
product-image is an intangible attribute symbolically and show how it is a consumer product, and how it wants to be perceived by others.
The integration of these elements led to the product structure on three levels, namely the generic product, tangible product and the product developed.
Generic product (core product) contains the main advantages that the buyer identify the form of personal needs to be met by that product.
Includes tangible product features, brand, style, quality and packaging.
Developed product includes all the benefits of additional, external to the product, the buyer receives and can influence the decision to purchase (delivery, after-sales service, warranties, etc.).
Advantages embedded in the upper levels of their products apart from similar ones offered by competitors and also determine the market share of each firm in his product.

duminică, 13 iulie 2014

Whatcha Doin' Wednesday

Whatcha Doin' Wednesday

The new year has begun my friends and my mind is swirling with things to do. There are days that I have so many ideas that I forget to write them down. I hate when that happens. But its okay, they resurface after a jarring thought. Today I plan out, sketch out and create new invitations, notecards, stamps and more. My goal for Lisa Marie Invitations and Design is to really target in on my ideal client with everything that I do. Who is my my ideal client, well here she is...

Motivational Monday

Wow, what a year it has been! I have been trying to think the best way to end this year with a post that I feel represents what I have been through. The year began with an emotional turn of events that I never saw coming. These events have started to shape me and my thinking. Losing a parent is hard, but losing the one parent you have a deep connection with that words can't describe, well that turned me upside down. Through the month of January I decided I was going to make sure I didn't miss a day with her. I called her friends that she hasn't spoken to in years and made sure that they had a chance to catch up and walk down memory lane one last time. Once she passed away, I felt empty. A part of me was gone with her but a new sense of who I need and want to be began to develop. Crazy huh?
So I decided that my New Years Resolution is this...
I am letting go of the negative people that bring me down to want to remind me to wallow in my loss. Let me rejoice in being raised by AMAZING women instead. I am letting go of those anchors who weigh me down. Instead give me people are going places, making their own waves with their motor boats. I am letting go of woulda, coulda, shoulda attitude. This time, its going to be I DID, I HAVE and  WOW, LETS DO THAT AGAIN! 
Lets move forward with this New Year, set goals, celebrate life, let go of what is holding us back but remember why it is going to move you forward! Until then have a happy and safe New Years! See you in 2013!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free Printables over at Catchmyparty.com

Now that we have opened gifts, indulged in spirits and sweets, we jump right into New Years Eve. Oh ya...keep the celebration going!

I teamed up with Jillian at catchmyparty.com again for your New Year's Eve party. Download your FREE printables at catchmyparty.com

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Hello strangers! I have been awful about posting due to the crazy amount of work. That's not a bad thing right? Well this past weekend I had a booth at Studio Be Holiday Artist Marketplace. Putting out all your designs, wares and whatnot for everyone to see is very hard to do. No matter what I had to do it or I will still be debating with myself and arguing with the woulda, coulda and shoulda triplets. You know what... It was AMAZING!

So many times we have this fear of being judged and hoping people will like it. I learned there is something for everyone. There are those who get my sense of humor and sarcastic voice and those who don't and that is perfectly okay. I am beginning to wonder "who am I", and then I realized...I was this person all along and just allowed my thoughts of what I was not hold me back.

Life is too short my friends to let things drag you down and hold you back. Because of my decision to do the marketplace this weekend, I met amazing other artists who gave me wonderful and positive insight as well as new friends who share my vision. See what happens when you put yourself out there.

I encourage you do to the same. What can you do this week that can help you reach your dream? Is it finally taking that art class? Going to the movies by yourself? Starting a new workout? Or is it taking that huge leap to quit your full time gig to make your passion your career? What ever the case may be, I say do it! Mistakes are going to happen along the way, nothing is perfect and most importantly we learn from them.

By the way if you are still looking for a valentine card, let me know! I still have some left as well as adorable prints that you can frame.

Friday, February 

Freebie Friday!!!

Its been a while since I have been posting. Getting ready for the Studio Be Holiday Marketplace. Can't wait to show you photos of the booth and all the amazing people!

So my sweet and dear friend Dina with Deliciously Darling Events asked me to help her with a Valentine's shoot. She needed a sign and tags to showcase all the treats. I am also giving them to you today as a sweet treat freebie!

Download the sign here.

Download the tags here.

Monday, January 

Monday motivation: 

Holy Toledo! This year has started with full force and doesn't seem to be stopping. This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and now I understand why women do not reveal their age now. Then I did something crazy... Moved houses. Seriously I am not right! Why did we move? New school for my child. Everything we do the older we get is for our children.

Our children make us want to be better versions of who we are, challenge ourselves and learn to remember a life that is full of wonder. I am so blessed to have a child who has an imagination that never stops. My son has Aspergers and I think it's a blessing.

So many kids grow up way to fast and lose that innocent way of looking at things. Not him...he is always looking at things that way. God bless.

I am saying that today let us motivate our inner child to remember what the world looks like full of wonder. Stop and look around you. See the colors that nature painted, listen to the urban soundtrack and be inspired!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Whatcha Doin' Wednesday: When did it become March?

Whatcha Doin' Wednesday: When did it become March?

photography by nashville photography group
Time flies when your having fun doesn't it? Well I have been busy as a bee and continue on the move. I am always moving sometimes I am so fast that I scare myself. Seeing as how its been about a month since my last post I guess we need to catch up.

Let's see....
Oh, I finally have been published on a wedding blog! HOLLA! The blog is Savvy Deets Bridal and she was so gracious enough to publish my work along with a group of amazing other behind the scenes Wedding Peeps! You can see the post by going here. Thank you to Jeb Wilson with Nashville Photography Group for making my work look steller! The theme was based of two things: Pantone's color of the year EMERALD and of course OZ!!! I created an invite that reflected just that...A magical journey for a couple. What girl doesn't want to be Dorothy in the end? The whole suite was tied up with a ruby red bow.

Now what is next? OH! Mark your calendar and grab your girls and road trip to Hartsville, TN to The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale the last weekend of April! Join me and a whole group of amazing vendors under the "Barn". Christy Jo Stone was one of the amazing women I met at the Studio Be Marketplace and of course I am not a stranger. If you see her stuff you have to talk to her...SHE IS AWESOME!
Any way, she felt that I would be a perfect fit to join them and guess what, I am! So come and see us!