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List Price Datsun Go Panca latest Hatchback

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List Price Nissan / Datsun Go Panca latest Hatchback. Cars are seen from the side very affordable price has a fairly extensive market segmentation. Therefore, manufacturers Nissan Datsun accommodated by issuing edition Go Panca Hatchback embedded with various attractive features. LGCG this latest car is the second series of Datsun circulating in the country. Affordable price of Datsun Go Panca Hatchback car LGC also not make this into a cheap car but still have a specification that deserves our appreciation.


Prices go five hatchback cars Datsun latest matic reading material and references that would be able to provide benefits to the search list Datsun go five or hatchbac matic both the former price and the new price. A car that has not led to new products from 30 years ago has now resurfaced with the latest cars by redi-go concept this concept back in besut by nissan. This unique little car and similar city car with a mix of types hatcback and crossover. The car is also suitable for family car is right for you. How much is the price, please see the table

List Price Nissan / Datsun Go Panca latest Hatchback

Datsun Go + D

Rp 85.000.000, -
Datsun Go + A

USD 92.4 million, -
Datsun Go + A Option

USD 92.9 million, -
Datsun Go + T

USD 99.9 million, -
Datsun Go + T Option

USD 102 900 000, -
The above rates for those of you who want to buy a Datsun of some type. For the price may also vary by region. While the price of a used Datsun cars in some cities such as Surabaya and Semarang other fields may vary please check in OLX or trade.

Similarly, I can convey information that may be useful and pleasing when please share to your friends thanks. List Price Nissan / Datsun Go Panca latest Hatchback

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